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Ottawa grade school students speak about refugees

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Kids these days.

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First I talk about it all day, then I feel like it… pooped. I can’t say it is so much exhaustion caused by the providing tours, but it is recovering from my Toronto life. Nurses at St. Michael’s Hospital are constantly telling me: “I could never work with all those sick people over seas… it’s too sad, stressful, and exhausting”. I’d like to argue, that if they can work a nursing shift work schedule -with poor breaks and multiple demands… MSF work is not too far fetched.

Today I gave a few tours. One was an international law class: High school grade twelve! Wow, high schools have come a long way, I had not heard of such a topic until when I was their age. I also spoke to a cynical French class, they didn’t feel french was a priority in their education… and they live in Ottawa!!! Well… did I have words for them. Sadly, they were not French words- but I mentioned all the countries, and opportunities I have missed out on while work with MSF because my French is so poor. I also mentioned the surprise that people in other countries have when they learn that I am a non-french speaking Canadian… In all countries I’ve worked in people speak at least 3 languages between local dialects, English, Arabic etc.

These classes asked some very good questions. I love giving tours of the exhibit to students. They seem to be a little more new the world have more hope for seemingly impossible problems. I am also surprised at their genuine interest in this rather morbid and hopeless topic matter. It is difficult balances optimistic stories with the realities of the countries I’ve worked in.

I’m looking forward to providing plenty more tours tomorrow. Tonight I’m hosting a movie called “living in an emergency”- I’ll have some explaining to do.

Setting up in Ottawa!

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Kevin Barlow

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Position: General Registered Nurse — Selea, Sudan
School: Graduate of McMaster University BScN
Previous MSF Project: Bangladesh 2005 — Malaria/primary health program
Previous Nursing experience: Canadian North — Moosonee, Attawapiskat
Currently working: St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
Super Powers (with coffee): Endurance, creativity, teamwork, wise cracks, BS-ing
Weaknesses: Spelling, cooking, romance, organization, tidiness, tactfulness
Side Kick: TBA
Nemesis: none — I don’t believe in evil people, just bad behaviour.

From 2007-2008 I worked with the Northern Corridor Project in the western area of Darfur, Sudan. I have also worked in Mindanao, Philippines in 2009 where I developed and supervised the therapeutic feeding component of the support programs for displaced children.