2011 Canadian Tour Dates

Griselda (Zelda) Goad

I am originally from the UK, but have been living in Canada for the last two years. I have been working as a nurse for MSF on and off since 2004. In total I have done 7 missions with MSF.  Each mission/country that I have worked in with MSF has offered me different challenges and surprises and I’ve love it!

2 Responses to “Griselda (Zelda) Goad”

  1. sherry Says:

    I just visited the refugee camp that was set up in Montreal and Zelda was our guide. She was excellent, very informative, and I am very happy to have had the chance to visit. I’d like to thank her very much for the tour and thank you to MSF for providing so many of us with a chance to see some of the realities of a refugee camp.

  2. Michel Dumont Says:

    Zelda is a wonderful nurse, she is the essence of what caring is all about, and I love her.