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Learning Resources

This learning resource material is designed to provide teachers and students with an opportunity to further expand upon their experience of participating in the Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City exhibit. They also offer an introduction to refugee and displacement issues for those students unable to attend the exhibit. These educational resources are the result of a collaborative effort between the graduate school class (summer 2008) of Dr. Jan Stewart, Director of the Institute for War-Affected Children at Global College, University of Winnipeg and Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

We hope these five lesson plans will encourage students to continue to learn and understand the challenges 43 million refugees and internally displaced people face worldwide.

We offer five lesson plans, which may be adapted by teachers to suit their classroom needs.

Introduction to the learning resources

A brief overview of the materials.

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Lesson 1: Forced to Leave

Students try to imagine what would be like to have to flee from their homes within a matter of minutes and research the reasons for displacement.

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Lesson 2: Shelter

Building upon Lesson One, students map out shelter space and discuss the differences between a “shelter” and an “established home.”

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Lesson 3: Food & Malnutrition

Students learn about food rations and the crisis of malnutrition.

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Lesson 4: Water & Sanitation

Students learn the challenges refugees face in accessing one of their most critical basic needs, water, and the implications of appropriate sanitation.

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Lesson 5: Building Awareness

Students are provided with suggestions for putting their knowledge into action by raising awareness of refugee and displaced issues locally.

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