2010 Canadian Tour

Michelle Chouinard

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I am originally from New Brunswick, and joined MSF in 2005.  My first mission was in Aceh, Indonesia as a Mental Health Officer after the tsunami.  Then I did four missions as a project Coordinator in China (HIV), Malawa (HIV), Chad (IDPs) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (IDPs).  My last mission was as Head of Mission in Haiti where I was responsible for a Trauma Hospital.  I was there during the earthquake that hit the country on January 12.

Michael White

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I was born and raised in Toronto and have been volunteering and working with MSF since 2004. I’ve done three field assignments, most recently as a Project Coordinator (PC) in southern Sudan. Additionally I worked as a logistician in the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia in 2009 and in southern Sudan in 2007.  When I am not working with MSF, I produce films for art galleries and museums around the world.

Marilyn Hurrell

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I have been on MSF missions in Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, Southern Sudan, Iraq, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh, variously acting as a nursing consultant, project coordinator, and medical coordinator. As a nurse, most of my work has been in primary health care and public health in Western and Northern Canada. I was working in Bangladesh in maternal health before joining MSF in 1998.

Marc Forget

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I am an MD originally from Montreal, and have been involved with MSF since 2002. I have been a field medic and camp medic in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti. Outside MSF, I have a part-time posting in Northern Quebec. The rest of my time, I spend having fun.

Mai-Anh Le Van

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I am an emergency physician currently working at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal. I was on mission with MSF in 2007-2008 in Shamwana, Democratic Republic of Congo, in a small bush village with a hospital made of tents.

These were experiences that I am hoping to share in this years RCIC.

Leanne Olson

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I’m a registered nurse and worked for MSF since 1994, completing 9 missions, most recently in Chad and South Sudan. Im the author of “A Cruel Paradise” (1999), and am presently working as clinical team leader of the emergency department of CHEO, the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

I am currently home from the field and live in Toronto with my husband and baby boy.

Kouassi David Florent Kouame

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I am originally from Cte dIvoire, where I studied to become a nurse. I began working with MSF in 2003, as an adult and paediatric nurse. Later, I worked with MSF as an emergency surgical nurse. Most recently, I have worked with the Ministry of Health in Cte dIvoire in surgery.

Johanna Geraci

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I am a registered midwife but am not currently practicing. My work with MSF was brief but intense.  In 2003, I went to both Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. In Kandahar, I worked on a safe motherhood initiative in a camp for internally displaced people but ended up spending time in two other provinces owing to instability. I then went on to Makeni, Sierra Leone, to work in a maternity ward providing clinical care to women and newborns and training for Ministry of Health staff.  Currently, I am now pursuing a Masters degree in Health Research Methodology.

Jodi Pipes

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I am a Registered Nurse, and completed further studies in tropical medicine. In 2007  2008 I went on my first mission with MSF as an Outreach Nurse in Southern Sudan and participated as a Guide in the 2008 Western Canada Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City.  I returned to Australia to continue work in communicable disease control in remote communities in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, participating in the Australian tour of Refugee Camp in Your City in 2009 in between nursing contracts.  I am very excited to return to Canada and join the 2010 RCIC tour as Team Leader.

Jetske Duintjer

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Born in the Netherlands, I have worked with MSF since 1998. I started as a logistician, became a field coordinator and later acted as the Head of Mission in countries such as Colombia, Angola, Mozambique and Indonesia. In 2003 I worked for MSF on the Nutritional Tent project in Quebec. Since 2007 I have worked as the National Association Coordinator (NAC) for MSF Canada.

Before joining MSF, I worked with other organizations in Peru and El Salvador, as well as with Canada World Youth and Oxfam.