2011 Canadian Tour Dates

Luella Smith

I am an Emergency Physician from New Brunswick who started working with MSF in 2006.  I have done 10 missions, working as field doctor, field coordinator, and medical coordinator in various contexts.  

 In Darfur we provided primary care for IDP camps.  In Sri Lanka we provided primary care and surgery for displaced Tamils.  In Haiti, we did likewise for people displaced by the earthquake.  Most recently in Cote d’Ivoire we worked with people displaced by the conflict.  I have also worked in malnutrition centers, cholera treatment centers, and in malaria epidemics in Burundi, Nigeria, Niger, and Central African Republic.

Working with MSF has been a privilege and a humbling experience.  I have come to admire the people themselves, who, despite the difficult conditions they face, conduct themselves with such grace, warmth and dignity.

 We give them hope for the future, let them know that someone cares and they are not forgotten.  This is the legacy of MSF.


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