2011 Canadian Tour Dates

April fools day, oh my!!!

Today we had a great start, as someone had hidden chocolates around the office, in anticipation of the holiday weekend. We currently have 5200 students signed up for this event, but there’s spots left in each city, so hurry up and get in those registrations. Megan is off to Ottawa and Montreal next week to spread the word about RCIC and get some new recruits. Penny’s busy interviewing applicants for our Volunteer Coordinator positions, and trying to finish some logistics stuff before her weekend in Las Vegas, with her husband Gord. Anne-Marie and Fraser, our advertising gurus, are busy securing ad spots, and we already have our first, free, full-page ad in Outpost Magazine! I have consumed 2 large cups of coffee and 1 litre of Diet Coke, and I’m determined to become a Twitter Master…watch for my RCIC tweets.

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