2011 Canadian Tour Dates

Camping season is coming

It’s a warm and sunny day in Toronto, and the Refugee Camp team is hard at work, preparing for this year’s exhibit. We head to Ottawa in exactly eight weeks, and I’m feeling the time crunch begin. I’m so excited to be a part of the project this year as Project Coordinator (PC), as I was a volunteer guide for the four week tour in 2008, and had a fabulous adventure. Although I must admit that I was a little naïve about all of the logistics work that goes into an exhibit like this, and I’m so happy to have Penny as my Deputy PC to help me with these tasks. We already have 3000 students registered for the event, which is almost half way to our goal of 8000. We hope to close registration by the end of March due to the overwhelming reception we’ve received so far (and the hard work of our intern Megan). I better get back to trying to chase down the illusive MSF field workers, as they are nomadic by nature, and we need to corral sixty of them to volunteer as tour guides during the exhibit…I’ll let you know how we do.

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